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Our qualified arborists can remove all trees large and small. At your discretion, we can leave you the resulting firewood and mulch, or remove everything completely. We also remove tree stumps.


We have over 30 years experience in tree removal, with up-to-date horticultural and arboricultural qualifications - we assess every tree on our job sites for OH&S compliance, and complete all our work in accordance with Australian Standards. The Tree Crew always leave a clean site, and we are fully insured (to $20 million).

For most large trees you will need to get a permit from your local council - regulations vary depending on the area but generally unless the tree is a weed, damaging property or posing an immediate risk, the council will prefer for the tree to remain. For more information about specific council requirements, check out the links on our Contact Us page.

Arborist chainsawing a section of tree trunk

When to Remove Trees

Tree removal ground crew chopping up wood with chainsaws

You should think carefully before deciding to get rid of a tree, since most of the time they are a valuable asset to our environment. However, there are many reasons you might need a tree removed. As well aesthetic considerations, and opening up more light or space, trees only have a certain useful lifetime, and are susceptible to pests, diseases and damage just like any other living organism. When trees are stressed or dying, not only can they look ugly, but they can become unstable and fall, split or drop branches - which can injure people and damage property.


Some varieties of trees are classed as "weed trees", which means they grow and spread quickly and invasively push out native plants. It's in everybody's interest to stop these from getting out of control. Which kinds of trees are considered weeds depends on the area - local council websites will usually have a list.

Tree Removal

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