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Property and Garden Maintenance

We make sure your outdoor areas always look their best. We maintain:


  • Lawns - including mowing, edging, and fertilising if necessary. Grass is cut to the appropriate height for the season and as frequently as required.


  • Garden beds - weeding, trimming, and monitoring of plant health. We will mulch, fertilise, and spray for insects as required. 


  • Hedges - we trim to the shape and size that you want. High hedges are not a problem but may incur a surcharge. 


  • Trees - we monitor tree health and do regular pruning at standard height (accessible from ground level). We will inform you if your trees are in need of arborist work (our tree services are billed separately).


  • Outdoor areas - we provide a complete caretaking service, including cleaning up fallen leaves, checking and replacing outdoor lights, putting out and taking in council bins, and cleaning of indoor common areas such as hallways and stairwells. 

Back yard garden with lawn surrounded by hedges
Gardener cutting grass in front of garden bed
Driveway with red flowering hedge

We do both private and corporate gardens. The level of service can be tailored to your budget and requirements. 


Scheduling of maintenance is negotiable based on your needs and the garden's condition. We adjust maintenance schedules seasonally to allow extra time for periods of growth.


As well as advising you on the health of your plants and providing replacements when needed, we can create and rejuvenate gardens - a complete service including landscaping, plant selection and arrangement to suit your needs and tastes, and irrigation installation if required.


The Tree Crew always takes the utmost care to ensure the health of your outdoor ecosystem.

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The Tree Crew

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