Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is done with a series of "teeth" on a rotating cutter that chip the stump into small pieces; this is easier than trying to pull the stump out of the ground in most cases as root systems have a very good hold on the soil.


We charge per inch at the widest point you want ground out - this is not necessarily the widest visible point, depending on the type of tree and size of the root system. 

Our minimum charge for a call-out is $190 (+GST).

Chipping up tree stump with stump grinder

Access to Stumps

Stump grinder machinery

Our stump grinder is one metre wide, so it will fit through standard garden gates. It runs on rubber caterpillar tracks so it is fairly manoeuvrable, but it does weigh one tonne so please be aware of any fragile ground features (paving etc) that might be in the access path.


It's important to think about where utilities such as gas and water might pass under the stump you want removed. The amenities on your property are your responsibility and we will not be liable for any damage if you fail to find out where they are. 

It is not always necessary to remove stumps - sometimes they can be simply poisoned, or left to regrow if appropriate. However, if you want to use the space (for replanting, or otherwise) or if the stump is of a particularly invasive species, it will need to be ground out.


Keep in mind that some trees can have very large root zones, which is important if you are planning on doing work below ground level after having your stump ground. We will consult with you about your particular needs to make sure the best result is achieved. 

Large tree root system

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